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A living Museum

The 70s were a weird and wonderful time in the U.S.:  Nixon, Suburbia,  macrame, pottery, and Doing Your Own Thing.  Some call that decade's style an embarrassing mistake, best left alone. We disagree! The creators of the world-famous Freakybuttrue Peculiarium have recreated the home of the Seventies in every detail for your sleepover enjoyment. We've carefully chosen furniture, kitchen & bath amenities, entertainment and more to create a living museum for you to enjoy during your stay in Portland.Just a 10 minute Lyft ride to Downtown, this happy ranch house is tucked in among gorgeous mature evergreen trees and a forested park. 

Comfort First

Comfort is our first priority, so while 70s is the theme, our beds are brand new, there's screaming fast wi-fi, TV is full of your favorite cable channels, you can soak in a comfy modern hot tub under the stars, and no one will make you drink Sanka for breakfast.  The 3 bedroom home sleeps up to 8 people, with a roll-away cot for a ninth if needed. Washer, dryer and ironing board are available, owner is in an adjacent apartment to help you with anything you may need. Many toiletries are provided, as well as fresh Stumptown coffee and VooDoo Donuts! You'll also get free tickets for your party to visit The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium during your stay. Check-in is at 3pm, and check-out is noon. 


70s Amenities

Jerry's Place has all the groovy things from the 70s: A phonograph with lots of records to play, a special light-up music bar with a built-in 8-track player, a color television set (with complete cable), a rotary wall phone, interesting artwork, books & games from the 70s, blacklight posters for teens and teens-at-heart, a desk to type out your Great American Novel, and so much more! Explore the house - there are Easter eggs everywhere!

Who is Jerry?

Jerry is the resident Morris The Cat. He is an optional feature during your stay. He's often referred to to as the Mayor of Huber Street, and provides hours of good old fashioned entertainment.