$5 Admission per person, regardless of age. Dogs and decent costumes get in Free.  Larger groups get discounts accordingly. 




WED: 11am to 6pm

THURS: 11am to 6pm

FRIDAY 11am to 7pm

SATURDAY 11am to 7pm

SUNDAY 11am to 6pm

MONDAY 11am to 6pm


Usually open on every holiday except for the biggies, below.


Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

New Years Day           



We are available for special showings and appointments, but it is kinda expensive.  








When the weather is cruddy in Portland, like when it's snowy and icy, or  hot and it's hard to get around, we close down. Helpful hint: If you thought you might die if went out in it, (more than usual) then we were thinking that too.  


People often ask about our erratic hours.

Thank you. 

The management.