At home with the Lovecrafts

We are so effing lucky to have Colin Batty on our board of directors. Here's his new comic strip, which will be featured in the second issue of the upcoming Freakybuttrue comics. (Issue #1 will hit our site mid august.) 

New AMAZING H.P. Lovecraft bust by Colin Batty

Just in time to kick off his show, straight from Manchester, UK, is his latest sculpt of the all time king of horror,  H.P. Lovecraft. This is a approx. 6 in. Bust of HPL, sculpted by Colin Batty. It's a limited run of twenty pieces, hand painted, signed and dated by Colin. 4 of them were bought the instant they came in the door, but we've got 3 more now, in stock.  

A New Treat: The Cone de Lisa Rice Cake!

The Peculiarium food lab is always at work creating new, amazing stuff for your dentist's pleasure. This is no exception. Behold: The Cone de Lisa Rice Cake! A big waffle cone filled with tons of YUM. Available exclusively at the Peculiarium!

New Exhibit!

Under dubious circumstances, a suspicious new completed exhibit has come to the Peculiarium UNBEKNOWNST TO US. We will be destroying all evidence of it so that the knowledge contained does not come into the wrong hands. DO NOT COME TO THE PECULIARIUM TO SEE THIS NEW EXHIBIT. It is the most detailed and pucidic demonstration of the impending zombie apocalypse EVER REVEALED. YOU SHOULD NOT, but you will, see an accurate and medically precise exhibit which will chill your spine, render you speechless, and make you long for restful sleep. Contains graphic bodily violence, evisceration, and siptidisctic cromulence. Histuistic individuals should not come within 10 miles of this exhibit. Even though we have four different types of t-shirts, bug sundaes to eat, and loads of gifts and toys, DO NOT ENTER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Oh, and we also have Valentine's Day cards.