Open Daily til Christmas Starting Wednesday Dec. 16th.

New (NERC) paintings now available at the Peculiarium. Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, the 16th we'll be open everyday until Christmas eve, 11-6, for your perusing enjoyment. We will be closed Christmas Day, (duh.) And New years day, (also duh) and back to normal Thurs-Sunday hours after Christmas...

Happy Almost Halloween

This is a vintage photo given to us by our photo collector friend, Robert Jackson. Happy Almost Halloween. People keep asking us daily when will be open, and we sure wish we knew. We're "still" hoping to be open by Halloween, but it maybe a matter of hours at this point. Check back! And know that we'll blast it high and low when we are. 

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What's up with the Peculiarium Re-model?

We're getting a lot of people wondering about the status of the Peculiarium. Well, it's progressing, but check out these pictures of our ceiling and you'll see what's literally up. We're doing the best we can, and hope to be open as soon as possible, but the plumbing repair, that should have been during the FDR administration, is out of our control. We wish we could be more
specific, but we're still "hoping" for a pre-Halloween opening...


Our Portland shop on Thurman St. Will be closed this Saturday and Sunday June 6 & 7, because we'll all be at the Oddmall show in Everett Washington. Come say hi there!  Sorry for any inconvenience!